NFT premiere: Fynn Kliemann auctions off pieces of music

NFT premiere: Fynn Kliemann auctions off pieces of music

Fynn Kliemann is already an old crypto hand. On Friday, however, the all-rounder will celebrate his premiere on the NFT stage: curtain up.

Fynn Kliemann’s career can probably best be abbreviated with the job title „adventurer“. When he’s not sharing the „Kliemannsland“ construction project with his YouTube followers, the trained web designer is producing music or working on Gunter Gabriel’s legacy with Olli Schulz for the Netflix series „Hausboot“. The fact that Fynn Kliemann likes to take things into his own hands perhaps Bitcoin Superstar review explains his affinity for decentralised technologies and cryptocurrencies. So what could be more logical than to combine his passion for art and technology in one project?

Fynn Kliemann leads the way

No sooner said than done. With Jinglebe, Fynn Kliemann launches his own NFT Sale on Rarible. The concept: from 100 individual and unique jingles, interested parties can choose the one that suits them best, submit an offer and, if the sale is successful, call the corresponding NFT their own in the future. The respective jingles are mapped on the Ethereum Blockchain and are tailor-made for every mood. In addition to dreamy „daydreaming“ or „layback“ motifs, the portfolio also has a treat in store for Hodler. With „To the moon“, Bitcoiners get the right melody when the cryptocurrency storms to a record high once again.

The jingles were created in collaboration with music producer Philipp Schwär, who already worked on Kliemann’s album „nie“ and was in the studio with Samy Deluxe and Get Well Soon, among others. The unique jingles are also embellished with AI-generated images. The artwork of each jingle is thus also individually designed.

Those willing to bet can simply place their bids on the jingle that suits them via Rarible and will subsequently receive the NFT transferred to their wallet if the bid is successful. The auction starts on Friday, 5 March and ends on Sunday, 7 March.

A win-win situation

Fynn Kliemann told BTC-ECHO a little about the project. The idea for an NFT project had already matured some time ago and had practically forced itself upon him.

Something is happening that is more exciting than anything has been in a long time, and what is the best way to understand it? That’s right, join in.

The jingles are „the first NFT jingles in the world that only belong to you“. As a symbiosis of „life melody and animated artwork with A.I.-generated faces“, the complete package can be „admired, but also used, produced or resold“. By creating a direct exchange between artist and consumer, the fusion of ideal and monetary values, pressed into NFT form and secured by blockchain technology, breaks down classic distribution channels and lays new foundations for creative work. Kliemann: „How cool is that, please?“

This results in clear added value for both sides. Buyers „finally get the opportunity to legally own something digitally and to be able to prove it“. Thus, when trading on markets like Opensea or Nifty, „which are sales platforms and galleries at the same time“, they benefit from sometimes exorbitant NFT value increases. For artists, NFTs also represent new sources of raising capital that enable a direct sales channel – without middlemen.